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This past Saturday was our 11th anniversary. Last year, for our tenth, we took a weekend trip to the Anniversary Inn, a small local hotel chain for couples with themed rooms/suites. We had such a great time that we decided to make it a tradition, so we headed back up there for the weekend. Last year, we stayed in the Caribbean Sea Cave room. It had been a hard decision, though, so this year we picked the close runner-up, the Lake Powell Suite.

Last year, the kids stayed with Eric's parents since my mom was still recovering from her breast cancer treatment. This year they went to my mom's. She had my dad come over and they apparently had a wild weekend, watching movies, going out to eat, going to a petting zoo, and I don't know what all. It was enough that the kids were zombies when we got to her house this afternoon and barely acknowledged our presence (though they must have had fun, as when my mom swung by our house on Saturday to check on the pets, Bea started crying about how she didn't want to go home, she wanted to go back to Grandma's house).

Eric and I, on the other hand, were extremely boring. We sat around in bed and slept, read, and rewatched The Lord of the Rings (making lots of bro and bromance jokes partially influenced by a couple of guys in our raiding group). It was very nice. We did go see The Avengers Friday night before we headed to the hotel, so I guess we weren't completely snooze worthy (fun popcorn flick, though extremely silly, since the Marvel universe is ridiculous if you dare think about it even a little). At any rate, it was nice to rest, have some time together, and recharge while getting to soak in a huge jacuzzi tub and watch fish in an aquarium at the same time. Saturday night, we ate at the Brazilian steakhouse we visited last year, which was yummy again.

In the rooms they leave a little notebook for people to write about their stay. There was a plastic lizard on a ledge above the mini fridge and a lot of people wrote negative comments about him. That made me sad, because he was cute for a cheap plastic lizard. I noted in my comment that he was welcome to come home with us if he was really such a problem. One of the notes really made me facepalm though. The woman (99% of the time it seems to be the women who write the things) first noted that their lives were busy, seeming to be run by school and work. Okay, normal enough. As the note went on, she talked about how they decided to stay for their...nine month anniversary. Really? After a mere nine months you're having trouble focusing on each other? If you're having that problem so early in your relationship, you're likely in for a rough road ahead. At nine months, you should still be in the goo-goo eyed honeymoon stage!

I'd really like to try eating at the Melting Pot one of these days, so next year we might try one of the Salt Lake locations, but we'll see. Logan is so nice and peaceful and is a tad cooler, so it's a nice place to stay. Wherever we end up, I'm sure it'll be great and be fun to celebrate another year together.

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