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People keep harping about how the LDS church is not true and the Book of Mormon is false. The big "reason" for this the last few years has been the lack of Jewish DNA markers in American Indians. There are a number of reasons this is an utterly ridiculous argument.

1. It's been 2600 years.
2. Many tribes have been wiped out entirely in those 2600 years by other tribes, disease, and Europeans.
3. There was a whole lot of mingling in the Book of Mormon, making dilution more likely.
4. While it doesn't come right out and say there were people already here that Lehi's group joined up with, there clearly were, otherwise there wouldn't have been enough people to start warring against each other in less than a generation.

These are all very good reasons. The biggest and most obvious, however, is that Lehi, Ishmael, and their families were not Jews. They were not of the tribe of Judah. Lehi was from Manasseh and Ishmael was from Ephraim. So of /course/ there aren't Jewish markers in the DNA. It would be astonishing if there were!

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