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I am extremely annoyed by all the advertising on yogurt now proclaiming, "Made with active cultures!" Hello, yogurt companies. I'm not a retard. I'm very well aware that all yogurt has active cultures. It's part of the freaking process to make yogurt. Stop treating me like I'm an idiot and raising the price of yogurt because of these oh-so-special active cultures.

Also annoying: doctor's offices that are stupid but do not send bills regularly. I just got something from Ogden Audiology Services for Enoch's hearing check /when he was born/. The kid is six months old, this is only the second or third bill I've actually gotten, and they say that our insurance is rejecting it because they can't find the patient. That is because you guys are stupid and submitting the info wrong or wrote it down wrong or something (yes, I have had doctor's offices write it down wrong before when I've called to correct them). I know this is the case because our insurance has paid on literally every other thing from Enoch's birth, most of them months ago (and the ones that weren't were because of /other/ stupid doctor's offices). Please actually listen to me when I call to give you the info, because I'm not going to pay you out of pocket when my insurance will pay if you guys will just do things correctly.

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