Mar. 22nd, 2012


Mar. 22nd, 2012 04:38 pm
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I was speaking to the lady from preschool again and it turns out the person she got the eggs from bred not just Ameraucanas, but also Cochins...a breed with yellow, feathered feet. So at this point, we think the black one is probably a hybrid with those yellow feet and one line of feathers on them. I'm back from not caring to really, really hoping he's not a boy. He just managed to greatly endear himself to me.

They're mostly feathered at this point and it's really nice out anyway, so they're going to be going outside as soon as the coop gets built, hopefully on Saturday. The kids have been playing outside yesterday and today and loving it, so I thought I'd try taking a chick out and seeing how it did. I took one of the friendlier ones out with Bea earlier, and it hung around a bit before running like crazy for some bushes and trying to hide. I managed to grab it before it ventured too deep into some wild roses and all was well.

After getting Enoch from preschool, though, all of a sudden Bea didn't want to go outside, and when I made her, she threw a fit. So to try to calm her down, I grabbed the black chick to take outside to amuse her. He certainly succeeded in cheering her up, but he just hung with me and Enoch. After a bit, I started moving away from him a bit at a time to see what he would do. After I got five or six feet away, he started exploring for perhaps thirty seconds...and then flew over to me and landed on my shoulder. It was quite clearly deliberate that he was coming to be with /me/. He then pooped all over me, but after almost twenty years with parrots (not to mention almost five with kids), that's hardly a new experience for me.

Must not get attached, must not get attached, must not get attached...

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