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Bea had been whining about being thirsty for a while. I had been asking her to make her request for a cup in a nice voice to no avail. Finally, the following exchange happened.

Bea, whining: But I want a cup.
Me: Since you won't talk in a nice voice, I guess you're out of luck.
Bea: I'm not out of luck, I'm not Good Luck Bear!
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From last night-

Me: Time to go to bed!
Enoch: Not right now, I'm too busy.

Today, after a discussion about how Bea and I are separate people-

Enoch: Me and Daddy are the same person.
Me: No, you're different people too.
Enoch: But I don't want be different people!

Today, after I gave Bea some kisses:

Enoch: Why you kiss my friend Beatrix?
Me: Because I love her.
Enoch: I love my dad.

ETA a bonus from Bea:

Bea: That's okay, Mom, I'm not real.
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Enoch: "Mom, come here!"

I walk over to find he's destroyed a bird toy and set the wooden rectangles from it in a line on the floor.

Me, angry: "Hey! How come you destroyed that bird toy?"

Enoch: "Because they look like boats."

I had no ready response to that.

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