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From last night-

Me: Time to go to bed!
Enoch: Not right now, I'm too busy.

Today, after a discussion about how Bea and I are separate people-

Enoch: Me and Daddy are the same person.
Me: No, you're different people too.
Enoch: But I don't want be different people!

Today, after I gave Bea some kisses:

Enoch: Why you kiss my friend Beatrix?
Me: Because I love her.
Enoch: I love my dad.

ETA a bonus from Bea:

Bea: That's okay, Mom, I'm not real.
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Enoch: "Mom, come here!"

I walk over to find he's destroyed a bird toy and set the wooden rectangles from it in a line on the floor.

Me, angry: "Hey! How come you destroyed that bird toy?"

Enoch: "Because they look like boats."

I had no ready response to that.


Oct. 16th, 2011 10:05 pm
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Ah hah! Hilarious things Enoch said tonight that I remembered long enough to write down!

At my mom's house, she and Enoch were talking about cats.

G(randma): How many cats do you have?
E: Salem and Freya and Lottie.
G: And how many is that?
E: Enough.

At our church, there's a children's program called Primary. They put together stuff for the kids to do in our main meeting once or twice a year to show off for the parents and give some beginning experience with public speaking. Enoch's been given a line to say, so we've been asking him what it is here and there to help him remember it. I asked him to tell my mom the line right before we left.

E: Heavenly Father has a plan for me.
G: Heavenly Father has a plan for you?
E: Yeah, it's in the diaper bag.

First Day

Aug. 23rd, 2011 02:05 pm
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Today is Enoch's first day of preschool. He's been alternately excited and contrarily refusing to go. We had a short meeting with his teacher last Friday, where Bea showed herself to be far more ready for school than he actually is, chatting and being social while Enoch hid his face in Eric's shoulder. Of course he warmed up enough to draw a picture for the classroom right as the family after us came in for their time. Children!

It was apparently worth it, though, because while he hung back a bit, when we asked him to give his bag of extra clothes to his teacher, he did so without a fuss, and even /looked/ at her. Amazing! Then he was off, wanting to go slide outside with the other kids. We barely got him to say goodbye to us, which I'm hoping isn't going to cause him to throw a fit later when he realizes we're not there anymore.

And...of course we managed to be late. Me by myself? I'm on time to things. Eric by himself? He's on time to many/most things. Add us together? Somehow we end up late to every freaking thing ever. Something always happens, whether it's being distracted by things on the computer or trying to find shoes or organize some of the havoc the whirlwinds that our children create in our home. Then the traffic was bad. How traffic manages to be bad in the half mile or so that we had to go, I don't know, but it was. And parking? Forget about it. So I feel like a complete and utter heel, taking my oldest kid late to his first day of school ever. Oy.

I'd post pictures, but if I waited to do that, the post would never happen at all. Perhaps Eric will go to the actual effort, though the pictures are awful with the harsh, bright, afternoon sunlight pouring down on him.
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Enoch has just been walking his hand around the room as a "spider" and babbling happily about the spider going to go help his friend spiders. Now he's added Thomas and Duck to the game with the spider helping them get up and down the stairs he built out of blocks. Freaking adorable.

I have to admit I'm rather tickled that rather than pretending to be a pirate or a doctor or whatever, he pretends to be a spider.
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I'm cleaning off my desk and among the things sitting around on my shelves is an old photo album that Enoch partially tore apart. It's not like I have any desperate need to look at photos from my childhood and teen years all the time, so I figured I would just pull the pictures out and stick them in a box to take up less space. As I'm doing so, Enoch suddenly points at one of the pictures and says, "Jesus!"

The picture was me as a little girl holding my cat, Buzzy. Bet you didn't know I was the second coming of Christ, huh, 'cause I sure didn't!


Jun. 10th, 2010 02:45 pm
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Ever since we got swine flu back in October, the kids have gone from almost never being sick to being sick all the time. I haven't been much better, getting milder versions of their colds and such until a month ago when I came down with a raging case of strep that even made the doctor wince when she saw my throat. Since then, though, we've all been fine and given the time of year, I was hoping we were done with crap.

Hahahahahaha. Enoch got a runny nose a couple of days ago, then added a cough and a fever of 100.4 yesterday, and today added a wheeze. All of that added up to a doctor's visit, blood tests, x-rays, and a diagnosis of bronchitis along with three prescriptions and a face mask to administer one of them. The next week will be fun for sure. Positive thoughts/prayers/whatever that the rest of us don't get it would be appreciated.
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My kids are weird. Enoch, when he was very little, would do a nunununu kind of sound that seemed to be him saying no to something, but that quickly faded. He's all of three years old and he's just barely started to say no in the last few weeks. Even then, he hasn't said it enough that Bea has picked up on it yet.

I came into the office a few minutes ago to find that the kids had pulled my chair up to their desk and Enoch was sitting on it. I told him that I was here now and he needed to give me my chair back. He declared, "No! Mumble mumble Ink chair!" (Ink is his pronunciation of Enoch). He wasn't saying it in a defiant way but in a teasing way, so I said in a kind of sing-song, "I don't think so!" In the same sing-song, he said, "I think so!" It was very funny. I finally got him out without a fight by convincing him to steal Eric's chair instead.

Enoch loves to echo everything we say and Bea loves to echo him. The game of telephone this presents is hilarious. She does have little quirks of her own, though. Enoch was never interested in animal sounds, but Bea loves them. She tries to do the different ones we tell her, but she must forget them, because a few weeks ago, she started meowing after talking about any animal at all, even the voiceless giraffe. She's now mastered saying "woof woof" like a dog, so she alternates between the two. It's hilarious. All animals are cats, dogs, giraffes, or occasionally cows or horses, and they all woof or meow.
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Some months ago (probably for a birthday), my mom gave Enoch a book about large motorized vehicles which had a CD in the back of it. I had no desire to listen to the stupid songs on it, so I just let him have it. Now all of a sudden, he knows that they can be played in my computer, so he brought the CD to me and wanted to listen to it. Naturally, after months of being used as a toy, it's in terrible shape. I explained to him how it wouldn't work now, showed him what a functioning CD looked like, and told him while it wouldn't work, I would try so he could learn about treating discs nicely.

...Miracle of miracles, it played. So much for my object lesson. My immediate impression was it was as bad as I expected...but now they just had a song about big rigs. In the song they talk about the code words big rig drivers use to warn each other about cops being around so they don't get caught breaking laws. The hilarity of this just made the CD listenable.


Jan. 3rd, 2008 12:33 am
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My kid is a nut. I was feeling pretty crappy and really needed to take a bath, so I hauled him and some toys in the bathroom and did so. He was fascinated by the water, so I grabbed a couple of his floating bath toys and he went to town. One would allow water in when pushed under the surface and then drain when pulled out, so he kept filling that one up and then chewing on it or splashing with it. He ended up soaked from head to toe, and though we keep it around 65 F in here, he didn't even act cold. I was freezing without clothes on, and he, soaked, was happy as a clam.

It was hilarious to watch him and it kept him entertained, so I'll definitely do this in the future. I'll just take his clothes off first next time.


Dec. 15th, 2007 12:21 am
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Kids are too funny. Enoch was upset, but me peering at him from the opposite side of the baby gate was funny. Me nibbling on his fingers that he stuck through the gate was hilarious. And best of all? When I put my fingers through, he then nibbled on mine. Quick learner!

He crawls like a champ, keeps messing with my DVD drives, has about pulled Arcadia out of her cabinet a few times, and is getting a tooth. Unbelievable that it's been over eight months already.
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Freecycle is interesting. Sometimes people have very specific wants and I wonder why on earth they think anyone would give such a thing to them, like a working car. On the other hand, I just was able to help out with a very specific want, so you never know. I'd been considering getting rid of my old Game Boys and the pokemon games I had. The other games could be played on my GBA, and with Fire Red and Leaf Green on the GBA, I really didn't see myself playing Red, Blue, and Yellow again. Lest people think I'm a complete tool, my brother gave me Blue and Yellow once he got tired of them. I'm only mostly a tool. ;)

Well, a few days ago, a mom posted to Freecycle wanting Pokemon Yellow. Her son had tried to wash his and ruined it and he was devastated. Wow, something I could actually help with. Without telling her I was going to do so, I went ahead and stuck one of the extra Game Boys, a link cable, and Blue and Red in with Yellow. She just emailed me thanking me a ton, as her son apparently asked for Blue and Red for Christmas. Whoah. I just totally made a kid's Christmas. That's pretty awesome.

Enoch seems to finally be getting a tooth. My mom and I were, ironically enough, just talking about how he didn't seem to be teething yet last night. Right before bed, though, he started chomping on my finger hard, and I started feeling around in there, and there was a major bump on his lower gum (one that Eric somehow couldn't feel). Looks like he might finally be getting his first one, which might explain his orneriness lately.
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Enoch just gave me a huge grin from across the room, then crawled across it and over /both/ cats just to come see me. Awww.
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Enoch has said his first word and exhibited understanding of it: Mama. Or "Mamamamamamamamama" as he sometimes says. He's very fond of his single word. He's also started to pull himself up to a standing position. I bet he's going to be walking at nine months like I did.

He's also sick for the first time. We all came down with a cold earlier this week. I thought I was coming down with a sinus infection Sunday night when my throat started hurting, but since Eric had the sniffles the next day (and only then, grrr, lucky!) and Enoch had a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes the day after that, I downgraded it to cold status. I'm still really stuffy, but not as miserable as I could be, so yeah. Cold. Enoch's first. I'm very grateful he hasn't been sick before this and that it's passed fairly quickly. He slept until 1:00 pm this afternoon and was considerably less fussy today, so I think he's starting to feel better.

Finally, because I tend to be remiss about this since Eric does it so frequently, here are baby pictures. )

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