First Day

Aug. 23rd, 2011 02:05 pm
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Today is Enoch's first day of preschool. He's been alternately excited and contrarily refusing to go. We had a short meeting with his teacher last Friday, where Bea showed herself to be far more ready for school than he actually is, chatting and being social while Enoch hid his face in Eric's shoulder. Of course he warmed up enough to draw a picture for the classroom right as the family after us came in for their time. Children!

It was apparently worth it, though, because while he hung back a bit, when we asked him to give his bag of extra clothes to his teacher, he did so without a fuss, and even /looked/ at her. Amazing! Then he was off, wanting to go slide outside with the other kids. We barely got him to say goodbye to us, which I'm hoping isn't going to cause him to throw a fit later when he realizes we're not there anymore.

And...of course we managed to be late. Me by myself? I'm on time to things. Eric by himself? He's on time to many/most things. Add us together? Somehow we end up late to every freaking thing ever. Something always happens, whether it's being distracted by things on the computer or trying to find shoes or organize some of the havoc the whirlwinds that our children create in our home. Then the traffic was bad. How traffic manages to be bad in the half mile or so that we had to go, I don't know, but it was. And parking? Forget about it. So I feel like a complete and utter heel, taking my oldest kid late to his first day of school ever. Oy.

I'd post pictures, but if I waited to do that, the post would never happen at all. Perhaps Eric will go to the actual effort, though the pictures are awful with the harsh, bright, afternoon sunlight pouring down on him.

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