Apr. 2nd, 2008 11:58 am
firebyrd: (Prenancy)
No really, I am. We've just been sitting on the news for a little over two months, because who can resist being obnoxious for two April Fool's Days in a row? Not us. Now no one will ever believe a word I say again, but it was worth it!

Be glad we waited to tell until now, really. This pregnancy has been really different, which makes us think girl. The difference has included puking or being on the verge of puking my guts out on a daily basis until the last week or two, when I've started to feel pretty safe (though if I have anything else that normally triggers nausea in me, headaches, tiredness, whatever, things are still coming up). So be glad you've avoided hearing me whine about that. On the plus side, I've lost 15-16 pounds, so no matter how crazy my body gets with the weight gain (and despite what doctors say, if you're eating decently, there is /nothing/ you can do to control how much you gain), I'm probably not going to end up a 300 pound monster at the end. If there does end up being a third, like I keep having a nasty feeling there should be, I'm definitely waiting until I've lost most or all my pregnancy and post-partum depression weight.

I'm thirteen weeks along right now and the estimated due date is October 6th. If this one ends up by being two days "late," as Enoch was, they will be exactly 18 months apart. Yeah, this happened a bit sooner than I expected, as in two weeks after I stopped taking my BC, when I technically shouldn't have even been able to get pregnant. I've been convinced of having fertility problems so long that I can't help but still think I have them, but the reality suggests otherwise. Of course, that brings up the question as to why I've never gotten pregnant without meaning to, since we have not exactly always been careful. Maybe my surgery plus pregnancy really did cure my endometriosis? I'm left baffled by the whole situation.

The baby's embryonic name is Superfly. Even though we do actually have names already (even a boy one if needed!), just like with Ja(y)ne, that's what it will be referred to as until it's born.


Apr. 1st, 2008 12:27 am
firebyrd: (Prenancy)
...I'm pregnant. 0_0

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