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First off, Happy Birthday [ profile] fealubryne! You're a quarter of an century now! I might be old, but so are you, so there!

Raiding was absolutely horrible this week. Had major attendance problems, many dc's, flaky pugs, the works. Last week, we went 7/8 in DS. This week, we couldn't even manage to get Zon'ozz down. It was pathetic. When people once again didn't show up tonight, it was something of a relief, because I really didn't want to go again this week after what the past couple of days have been like.

So I finished cleaning up my DA inbox, finally figured out what exactly I was going to do with the pony I started a couple of weeks ago, and then worked on her. She's now done except for rehairing. Unfortunately, I cannot find my good nylon hair. This is extremely puzzling. I have a drawer for hair. That drawer is full of kanekalon, saran, a lesser quality nylon, even countless saved pony tails (hmm, need to see if I can get someone to take those off my hands, some people like using them but I do not), but none of my good nylon. I spent a good half an hour tearing around the house. I found all sorts of thing, including ponies in progress that I now have no clue at all what they were or who they might have been for (I sure hope I refunded everyone, but I would think there'd have been pitchforks and torches and hunting me down wherever I went on the web if I hadn't), but no hair. Sigh. I wanted a rehairing tool from the site I buy it from anyway, but I seriously had a ton of that stuff, and it's not exactly cheap. Hopefully it'll show up since I bought a bunch more.

The sucky thing about a new mobo is that Windows now doesn't recognize that this is my computer and is bugging me to activate and threatening me if I don't. So I'm going to have to freaking call Microsoft and get a new key. Such a pain. I love Windows 7 in general, but the activation crap involved with it is horrible.

Last night the kids just would not go to sleep, so I put Bea in my room to sleep. Or rather, I tried. I kept hearing more noises and every time I went out of the office, she'd snuck out of my room and was in the hall hanging out at their door. When she'd see me, she'd cry about wanting to sleep in her bed, but of course it's not like she'd been sleeping in the first place, which was the whole problem. Finally, things were quiet, and I went to peek in the hallway. She was still there, asleep by the door...with one of her blankets and a little stuffed animal pillow that Enoch had shoved through the cat door for her. He was just inside their room, where he'd dragged blankets of his own so he could sleep by her. So very sweet. So very obnoxious trying to get them to go to sleep, but so very sweet that they love each other so much.

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