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Freecycle is interesting. Sometimes people have very specific wants and I wonder why on earth they think anyone would give such a thing to them, like a working car. On the other hand, I just was able to help out with a very specific want, so you never know. I'd been considering getting rid of my old Game Boys and the pokemon games I had. The other games could be played on my GBA, and with Fire Red and Leaf Green on the GBA, I really didn't see myself playing Red, Blue, and Yellow again. Lest people think I'm a complete tool, my brother gave me Blue and Yellow once he got tired of them. I'm only mostly a tool. ;)

Well, a few days ago, a mom posted to Freecycle wanting Pokemon Yellow. Her son had tried to wash his and ruined it and he was devastated. Wow, something I could actually help with. Without telling her I was going to do so, I went ahead and stuck one of the extra Game Boys, a link cable, and Blue and Red in with Yellow. She just emailed me thanking me a ton, as her son apparently asked for Blue and Red for Christmas. Whoah. I just totally made a kid's Christmas. That's pretty awesome.

Enoch seems to finally be getting a tooth. My mom and I were, ironically enough, just talking about how he didn't seem to be teething yet last night. Right before bed, though, he started chomping on my finger hard, and I started feeling around in there, and there was a major bump on his lower gum (one that Eric somehow couldn't feel). Looks like he might finally be getting his first one, which might explain his orneriness lately.

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