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I got Ogre Battle 64 on my Wii recently and I've been playing it quite a bit this week. I'd already nodded off once while playing it tonight, so I went back to playing it and transferred myself to bed when I thought I was sleepy enough to drop off for good. As I was laying there waiting for sleep to take me, I was thinking about the game, which understandably led to thoughts of Enix and Squaresoft (Enix was the original publisher of the series, Squaresoft got the rights later on as well as most of the devs, leading to Final Fantasy Tactics), which led to feelings of rage and hurt and disappointment that were very much not conducive to sleep.

Why the rage? Because of the lack of Dragon Quest VI. Some years back, the entire second trilogy of IV-VI were retooled for the DS and rereleased in Japan for the upteenth time. The U.S., on the other hand, had never seen V or VI except through fan translated ROMs. When it was announced that there were plans for all three remakes to be brought over here, there was much rejoicing in the Dragon Quest community. This was around the time that Square Enix shut down Slime Knights, their official DQ fansite, though, and I never really got into any of the fan run communities. I just waited and watched and bought IV and V when they were released. And then waited. And waited. And waited some more. And nothing. All three games were released over the course of about a year in Japan. But nothing, not a word about DQ VI here. They never even bothered to finish the freaking website they set up for the three games.

So I came prepared to rant about that. I went to my friend Google just to confirm when the last time we heard any word about the game was to make my bitching about the stealth cancellation more accurate only to find...A MIRACLE! Last month, a "mere" two years after the release of DQV here, they released DQVI! I'm almost more shocked than thrilled, to be honest, after all the crap that's gone on with the series in this country. But holy crap, I finally get to play it! And legally! Without having to mess with ROMs and different translation files and all that nonsense!

I was going to talk about the bizarre timing, but after a bit of digging, it appears it might not actually be SE America's fault. The DS versions of IV and V were released in November 2007 and July 2008 in Japan respectively, but VI didn't get out there until January 2010. So the massive delay appears to be Japan's fault, because how could they give us information on a release here when it wasn't even out there yet? Very strange. One wouldn't think that DQIX would have anything to do with it, you'd think they'd have different teams, but why such a huge delay, especially for a game guaranteed to be a best seller in Japan? Ah well. I guess it doesn't matter because I'm finally really getting it!

Guess I'm cutting back on WoW because I just got Pokemon Black too...

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