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Found pictures of the ponies I never posted before, so got them edited and up on my website. I'll be breaking them up into different posts since lots of the pictures are big.

I've done a number of customs with kanekalon hair intended for human hair extensions. The product as generally packaged is extremely long-around four feet! That's pretty long even for most humans these days, so the wheels in my head started turning about who would have long hair. No question-it had to be Rapunzel. While the idea was fun, trying to rehair a pony with that length and amount of hair is not so much. While the method I use halved the length to "only" two feet, that's incredibly unwieldy for a five inch tall pony. After I'd managed to create more hairballs than a Persian cat in the process of trying to complete her, MSKing took pity on me and styled her hair. While the process wasn't the prettiest, the results certainly are!

Rapunzel is for sale for $50 plus shipping.

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