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Alas, I broke my Kindle a few days ago. It slid off my desk a couple of times and I guess one of those times was one too many and hit in just the right spot. Of course, my warranty finished up back in April, so that was that. I figured it wouldn't hurt to call Amazon just in case, though, because of the way they bend over backwards to take care of Kindle owners. Sure enough, it was out of warranty, but if you call in cases like this, they'll give you a discount on a new one. So I got $15 off, which almost pays for my new two year warranty. Since between me and the kids I've managed to have two broken in 27 months, the warranty is extremely worth it, even with as cheap as the new Kindles are.

I was very sad at first, because I've very much enjoyed my 2nd gen. I've played around on my mom's 3rd gen, and while the display was better, I liked the overall design of mine better. I've also not been impressed with the reading app on my Fire (seem to be oversensitive when I don't want to change pages but undersensitive when I do), so I decided against getting a Kindle Touch. I considered getting another one with a keyboard, because hunting and pecking with the joystick does not appeal to me at all, but as I thought about it, it's not like I type into it /that/ often. Book titles are the most common thing and if it annoys me that much, I can do it on my computer or Fire. I decided it wasn't worth paying three times as much just to get a keyboard, and I never listen to audio on my e-reader, so I opted for the plain, simple Kindle.

It got here today and wow. I feel like I entered the market at a good time, when I still got lots of features and whatnot (like not having to pay extra for a wall charger), but wow, these new ones are /awesome/. It's about 2/3rds the size of my 2nd gen and about half the weight. The case I got weighs as much or more than the device itself does. I was hoping that would mean I could stand to keep it in the case all the time and lower the chances of another fall killing it, but alas, at least today I can't. The weight is close to the same as my old Kindle, but because the form factor is different, it's too uncomfortable. We are having thunderstorms that are causing my hands to just hurt a lot, though, so I'll give it another go when I'm in less pain in general. It would be preferable to not have to take it in and out because it's such a snug fit, it's difficult to get out.

In addition to the size, it's wireless only. That's a plus in my book, since our bad cell reception is not limited only to Sprint in our house. I've had trouble accessing the Amazon store through the free 3G on my old Kindle as well. Once I got my network info set up, I was amazed at how much faster things download. Actually, the whole device works much faster, with the page refreshing much faster whether just reading or quickly flipping between lists.

It's supposed to be one of their "sponsored" versions, with ads and the like, which I was not looking forward to. When I requested a non-sponsored one on the phone, though, the guy regretfully told me they didn't have any available for their replacement program. He said the ads weren't that bad, only on the screen saver and the bottom of the home page (not showing up at all when reading), and that most people didn't care, though he admitted Kindle owners from before the sponsored ones did tend to be those who cared. He indicated that there was a way to pay a fee to upgrade out of the sponsored version once I got it, so I went ahead and figured I'd give it a try. I can't speak for what the ads are like, however, because thus far, none are showing up. I'm wondering if I somehow ended up without a sponsored one or if the person who input the actual sale fixed it for me. Either way, I have no complaints so far!

The screen and display are super nice. The screen is the same size, but so much crisper. I'm also thrilled with the weight without the case. Even with the case, I'll now be able to slip it into my purse much easier than before. So, overall, my sadness has abated a great deal. There can definitely be advantages to breaking tech devices!

Date: 2012-08-12 07:15 am (UTC)
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That sucks. I haven't been able to use my ereader for months and I miss it a lot. But, hey! Newer, mostly better technology for the win!

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